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Investment Philosophy

In these unsettled economic times, diversification is a key element in protecting your investments. The Deeter Advisory Group’s overall investment philosophy is focused on providing you with a well-diversified investment portfolio consisting of multiple asset classes. This enables you to meet your investment objectives with the least amount of risk. We are one of the few local investment advisors to take an active approach to diversifying our client portfolios among multiple asset classes, including cash, bonds, stocks and alternative investments. It is important to note that all our investments are publicly traded, liquid investments listed on a major U.S. exchange. The specific types of investments we consider are summarized below:

- Cash: High-Quality Money Market Funds
- Fixed Income: High-Quality Corporate Bonds, U.S. Treasuries, Municipal Bonds and Preferred Stock Securities
- Equities: Large Cap Growth & Value, Mid Cap Growth & Value, Small Cap Growth & Value and International Equities
- Alternatives: Real Estate Investment Trusts, Commodities, Master Limited Partnerships, High-Yield Bonds, Long/Short Funds

These asset classes are used, when appropriate, to take advantage of market conditions, control risk and increase returns. We realize, though, that you have unique return objectives, risk tolerances and constraints and we will structure your portfolio accordingly. After gaining a thorough understanding of what is important to you, our experts will then determine the appropriate and optimal mix of cash, bonds, stocks and alternative investments that seeks to achieve your desired return with the least amount of risk.